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Halogen illumination

Art Innovations halogen spots are optimally suited for imaging analysis and recording of artworks.

The 100W spots are bright enough for accurate color and infrared imaging without causing thermal build-up on the artwork.

Impact resistant glass shields protect the artwork in case a halogen bulb might shatter.

Ultraviolet lighting
Building on years of experience in imaging, Art Innovation has selected the ideal ultraviolet light for inspection of artworks.

This professional UV light reaches its full light intensity after start-up in a matter of seconds. UV-irradiance/Watt ranges between 3.000 and 90.000 µW/cm² depending on model and distance. Furthermore, it produces less heat and consumes less power than other UV lights with comparable power output.

The gas discharge bulb technology is highly shock resistant and guarantees an extended bulb life of thousands of hours.

Finally, the robust, low weight and user-friendly design make this light very easy and flexible to use.

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