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Unique properties of the DIVA spectral camera and accessories

The DIVA mobile spectral camera is a portable, compact instrument for spectral imaging of historical artefacts and works of art. It is the only handheld spectral camera on the market that was specifically developed for the inspection, analysis and documentation of cultural heritage objects.

DIVA is ideally suited for on-site inspection, out-of-town jobs and short-term research visits. Using a battery-powered configuration (optional), the user is relieved from the hassle of running cables to the nearest mains power outlet and the system can be used in difficult-to-access places such as in ancient buildings or at field locations.
At a glance: Unique combination of features of the Art Innovation DIVA spectral camera

  • DIVA system developed specifically for cultural heritage applications
  • Megapixel resolution low-noise CCD sensor
  • High-quality, wide-angle C-mount lens; additional lenses available (optional)
  • Wavelength range 360 – 1100 nm (near-UV, VIS, near-IR)
  • Reflectance and fluorescence imaging (UV light source optional)
  • Fast and easy manual exchanging of the spectral filter
  • Standard filter set optimized for analysis of paintings and historical documents
  • Filters with standard/custom spectral characteristics can be added as applications require
  • User-friendly software for recording, analyzing and comparing images
  • Software supports recording of 3-channel colour/false-colour images
  • Automatic registration of channels in 3-channel false-colour images
  • Dual halogen light source attachable to camera body, suitable also for hand-held operation
  • Battery-powered operation (optional) of halogen lamps and camera for more than 1.5 hours
  • Single cable connects camera head to notebook PC
  • Compact and light-weight travel case for camera and lamps
  • Hand-held and tripod mounted operation
  • Compatible with many standard telescope tripods used for compact photo cameras
  • Fully compatible with CPS camera position system



  • progressive scan CCD
  • Pixels: 1296×964 (1.3 Mpixel)
  • Spectral range: 350 – 1100 nm (near-UV, VIS, near-IR)
  • Signal transfer: USB 2.0 interface


  • C-mount wide angle lens
  • 9 mm F/1.4
  • Field-of-view (at 50 cm): 25 cm (10”)
  • Resolution (at 50 cm): 190 μm per pixel
  • Illumination: two halogen lights with reflectors
  • Power requirements: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Environment conditions: 15-30ºC, Rh 0–80%
[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”],Camera%20module,Camera%20with%20light%20module|Dimensions%20(LxWxH)%3A,18x7x20%20cm%20(7%E2%80%9Dx3%E2%80%9Dx8%E2%80%9D),22x16x20%20cm%20(9%E2%80%9Dx6%E2%80%9Dx8%E2%80%9D)**|Weight%3A%20,500%20grams%20(1.10%20lbs),710%20grams%20(1.52%20lbs)|Power%20consumption%3A%20,2%20W,42%20W[/vc_table]

Mobile spectral camera

  • Fast screening of collections imaging of underdrawings
  • Detecting retouches and damages
  • Distinguishing pigments and inks
  • Studying drawing techniques of artists
  • Spectral imaging microscopy
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