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Easy positioning within your reach

In general, fast and accurate positioning of a camera is essential in painting research, reflectography or the production of a mosaic image. Together with any infrared system or our multispectral imaging systems this equipment offers the conservator a complete solution for image analysis of paintings.

The CPS 100 & 200 have become known and valued tools throughout the art conservation field.

CPS 100
For applications on small to medium sized paintings or other art objects and where light travelling is necessary, the CPS 100 is an ideal solution.

Based on a camera tripod, which easily connects to a smooth guiding rail, a stable and versatile platform is formed which accepts any type of camera.

CPS 200
The CPS 200 fulfils the demand for a continuous longer vertical positioning range to study larger paintings.

A weight compensating mechanism is added to the vertical stage to ensure smooth and light adjustment of the camera height.

The adjustable lighting support guarantees similar lighting conditions for every position. In addition, the system features a horizontal ruler and a graduation scale on a hand-wheel, which measures vertical displacements to facilitate the accurate recording of multiple images.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”][12px;borders_all]Specifications,[12px;borders_all]CPS%20100,[12px;borders_all]CPS%20200|Horizontal%20stroke,250%20cm*,165%20cm|Vertical%20stroke,50%20cm,155%20cm|Height%20range,110%20-%20270%20cm%20(stepwise),45%20-%20195%20cm%20(continuous|Longest%20component,100%20cm,208%20cm|Heaviest%20component,4%20kg,%2015%20kg|Total%20weight,15%20kg,27%20kg|Operation,manual%3B%20crank,manual%3B%20hand-wheel|Camera%20adapter,pan-elevation-tilt%20head%20,[/vc_table]

Transport and Assembly
Assembly of the CPS 200 is very straightforward and does not require any special tools. All separate components can be transported by hand and easily fit into a car. The complete CPS 100 package fits in a carrying bag and can be carried by a single person.

Typically after setting up the system, a medium sized painting can be recorded within 10-15 minutes with help of a CPS. (see example). Even light distribution obtained with the lighting support minimizes time loss due to image editing.

CPS Desktop
The CPS desktop is specially designed for imaging of documents and is placed on a table. The system is fully compatible with the ARTIST camera system of Art Innovation and together they offer a complete multispectral imaging solution for document analysis. The distance of the camera to the table surface can be manually adjusted to change the field-of-view and guarantee an optimally sharp image.

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